Application Rationalization

Targeted investments in IT require transparency about the strengths and weaknesses in the application portfolio.

Application rationalization can save at least 10% of IT project costs.

Source: Oracle

Application rationalization aims to increase the value of deployed applications to the business and balance benefits, risks, and IT costs.
Without application rationalization, the unmanaged application portfolio overages. This causes higher operational costs to keep the application running, weak service levels and support, or outdated technology – to name just a few examples.

Application Rationalization

Our approach

Key to application portfolio management is the methodical and, above all, pragmatic evaluation of all or a subset of the applications in order to develop strategies, define a project roadmap and apply for necessary investments. Thus, the rationalization of applications is an essential basis for sound IT landscape planning.

Application Rationalization Vorgehen
Application Rationalization


Inventory of applications

A common problem in large or mid-sized companies is that departments or individual employees buy applications to solve urgent problems, often without giving sufficient thought to their fit in the overall IT landscape plan. As a result, applications accumulate that are difficult to integrate with existing systems. Multiple applications with very similar capabilities are purchased. The first step to APM is to achieve transparency of the application portfolio and the assignment to business capabilities. We support you in the initial recording of your application landscape, ideally in an EAM tool.

Application portfolio evaluation

There are various methods for evaluating and categorizing applications. TIME has established itself as a quasi-standard for APM. Applications are classified in four quadrants - Tolerate, Invest, Migrate or Eliminate - according to the IT and business perspective. Together, we develop an interview guideline tailored to your specific questions. In this way, current pains are taken into account. Comparability and benchmark capability are given on the basis of a recognized standard.

Derivation and prioritization of action items

Based the evaluation of the applications, proposals for initiatives and projects are derived.

EAM-Tool Services

In addition to methodology and architecture work , CTI Consulting also offers EAM tool consulting. This is how we ensure that methodology and transparency across the IT landscape go hand in hand.

Application Rationalization


EAM-Tool Services

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