The comprehensive IT Management Process Framework for your IT.

Why IT4IT?

When it comes to the core business processes, companies have been making a considerable effort to automate and optimize their business processes on the basis of ERP systems since the 1980s. 

If we look at one of the most important supporting processes, IT, the picture is often quite different. The installation and deployment of new IT systems often takes too long, has a high manual workload, is not very standardized and the quality is very much dependent on the people acting. System support for IT, be it through tools for demand management, architecture management, IT service management (e.g., change, release, incident, and problem management), license management, and many others, is often – if at all – rudimentary and siloed. 

This often leads to redundancies in data storage, gaps in IT security and overall longer time-to-market. 

IT4IT provides a remedy.


Our approach

Holistic Framework:

From our experience, the Open Group’s IT4IT framework has proven its worth. Advantage: it consistently considers the IT processes from the IT support context within the framework of an end-to-end view. As a result, the focus is clearly on the IT process organization and collaboration between the individual departments of the organizational structure is strengthened.


Professionalization of IT processes:

The efficiency of IT processes often depends on how well the individual departments cooperate with each other, e.g. demand and supply IT, or how well application management services are integrated with infrastructure services. Consistently pursuing an end-to-end view promotes cooperation between the individual areas of IT expertise and puts the service or IT product in the foreground. This gives the business customer the impression that they are receiving services “from a single source”.


Improve service quality:

The data quality of IT is improved, which means that optimization potential can be identified in the provision of IT services. For example, services that are hardly used can be questioned and improved. The allocation of service-related costs can be optimized, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.



By automation, IT processes can run reproducibly and with high quality. Processing can be significantly reduced.

IT4IT Framework by the Open Group
IT4IT Framework by The Open Group


Process house

Definition and tuning of a process house tailored to your company, i.e. process levels, process domains (value streams and support processes).

Governance Concept

Definition and implementation of a governance concept consisting of a role description (incl. RACI), modeling conventions and process implementation ramp-up.


Modeling of IT4IT processes in your BPM tool (e.g. signavio) or in other IT management tools used. Selection or development of suitable solutions if no BPM tool is in use.

BPM Office

Business Process Management Office as part of your projects, e.g. digitization projects or ERP implementation projects. We support your project as a process team and accompany your business process modeling and implementation projects.

EAM-Tool Services

More information about EAM tool consulting:


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