Business Capability Management

Business Capabilities are the primary planning dimension of stragic IT landscape planning.

Redundant applications for the same business capability in organizations offers potential savings of 15 - 20%.

Source: McKinsey

Business Capability Management: Increase the maturity of business capabilities and better manage IT investments through fact-based IT landscape planning.

Business Capability Map
Business Capability Management

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Best practices for definition of a business capability map

Define and create your own capability map. It identifies, categorizes and decomposes the business capabilities required for the company to be able to deliver value.

Business Capability Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's maturity levels by assessing capabilities against defined criteria as a basis for later analysis and optimization planning.

Business Capability-based Planning

Introduce business capability based planning to ensure alignment of business and IT transformation with business strategy.

EAM-Tool Services

In addition to methodological consulting and architecture work within the scope of your projects, CTI Consulting also offers EAM tool consulting. This is how we ensure that methodology and transparency across the IT landscape go hand in hand.

Business Capability Management


EAM-Tool Services

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