Dual master’s program in Kassel: The ideal entry into IT consulting.

Find out about the part-time master’s program offered by CTI CONSULTING in cooperation with the FOM.

Study programs

The following degree programs are offered in cooperation with FOM:

Business Consulting & Digital Management (M.Sc.)

In the part-time master's program "Business Consulting & Digital Management," students acquire new skills in addition to business expertise in order to view existing business models and processes from the perspective of digital transformation. As specialists and managers or in a consulting role, they support companies in developing and optimizing effective digital strategies.

IT Management (M.Sc.)

The part-time master's program "IT Management" specifically prepares students to plan, supervise and lead a wide variety of IT projects to success. From the introduction of new system architectures in companies to the conception of IT-based business models, IT managers profitably apply their knowledge and leadership skills at the interface between IT and management.

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Dual Master’s: Work as a consultant and study part-time at the same time

"In the end, all we keep from our studies is what we put to practical use."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Business Consulting & Digital Management (M.Sc.)

IT Management (M.Sc.)

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Business Consulting & Digital Management (M.Sc.) & IT Management (M.Sc.)


FOM University

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Students who opt for a part-time, face-to-face course of study benefit from direct exchange with other students who are also working and from professional discussions with the lecturers. The face-to-face lectures in the lecture hall, selective virtual lectures and the multimedia teaching and learning media, together with the individual support from study advisors and lecturers, form an optimal prerequisite for learning success.

Founded in 1991, the private FOM Univesity of Economics & Management is one of the largest universities in Europe with currently more than 57,000 students. Working professionals and trainees can complete part-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 35 university centers in Germany and Vienna in the evenings, on weekends, or as block studies.

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Dual master’s: Work as a consultant and study part-time at the same time

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Study and career in the immediate vicinity.

The distance between the CTI office in downtown Kassel and the FOM university center is only 120m. Thus, the proximity between work and study is given spatially as well as in terms of content.


Wilhelmsstraße 2a

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FOM University

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