SAP Archiving & Document Access

by OpenText

Your company uses SAP® systems to improve business processes. But SAP® transactions must be linked to the corresponding business documents to trigger subsequent processes and optimize the overall business process.
Your business processes interact with many different SAP® modules and systems as well as various non-SAP® systems. From SAP® ERP to CRM to SAP® SRM, you still need to ensure that you fully understand your business processes and the significance of the corresponding results. Business documents need to be archived and made available.

SAP Archiving & Document Access


SAP Archiving & Document Access


OpenText Archiving for SAP® Solutions links content to the appropriate SAP® context. This helps you avoid information silos, slow letter mail, and expensive express deliveries. Paper archives are no longer necessary. Because with OpenTextTM Archiving for SAP®Solutions, you can create, manage, and securely archive all SAP® content.

OpenText™ Document Access for SAP® Solutions is independent of SAP® modules and systems and guarantees complete business process transparency. The solution adds a process-oriented view and actual document management attributes to all business documents and data. In doing so, the solution goes far beyond the standard scenarios in the SAP® environment.

The user is provided with an adaptable navigation structure similar to Windows Explorer, which enables a document-oriented view of business processes. Even occasional users can therefore retrieve content securely and easily.


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