SAP Contract Management

Central contract management with SAP

In companies, contracts define the relationship between the company and their customers, suppliers, partners and employees. In-depth transparency is therefore urgently needed in the management of contracts. In many companies, contracts are still stored outside of SAP® in traditional file folders and are neither digitized nor otherwise centrally available and evaluable for all relevant persons, i.e., independent of location. As a result, unnecessary time has to be spent on search and research work. Contract Management supports digitization. 

SAP Contract Management


A digital contract management is the tool that provides transparency and an overview of the contracts existing in the company. Through a central, digital recording of the contract data and documents, which are summarized in a “contract file”, it is now possible to individually adapt these to the company’s business processes and fill them with life. Electronic workflows enable deadlines and time limits to be met, responsibilities to be distributed in detail, and key figures and risks to be monitored.
Intelligent linking of contracts with other SAP® modules (e.g. invoice documents in FI, MM and SD) provides further evaluation options.

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SAP Contract Management



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