SAP Employee File Management

by OpenText

Whether changes of address, employment contracts or health insurance certificates: Employees in HR departments have to research information in documents. And they have to view or change the associated master data in various SAP® transactions. Paper documents in particular are a permanent burden for your HR department. Because that means searching for the right documents in overcrowded folders and shelves, filing and sorting incoming documents – and finally reconciling them with the data in SAP® ERP HCM (Human Capital Management). Employees often have to send documents to another location – a time-consuming and error-prone process often referred to as “paper tourism.” Employee File Management provides a remedy.

SAP Employee File Management


SAP Employee File Management


OpenText™ Employee File Management for SAP® Solutions (marketed by SAP® AG under the name SAP® Employee File Management by OpenText™) provides HR departments with a complete solution based on Enterprise Content Management (ECM): All printed materials are immediately available in the electronic personnel folder – from personnel records to applications, master data and internal personnel documents. This ensures that all activities and processes are carried out quickly and easily.
With OpenText™ Employee File Management for SAP® Solutions, you receive master and payroll data together with the original documents in a clearly structured folder structure. Employees from the HR department no longer have to search laboriously in SAP® transactions or file folders for the right information. This speeds up work processes and minimizes potential sources of error. And the HR department has more time for value-adding programs and activities.


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