SAP Folders Management

Process-oriented file and document management with SAP

SAP® NetWeaver Folders Management (formerly Records Management) is a flexible, process-oriented record and document management system that can be used to link business documents and data (e.g. purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, HR master records, etc.) including associated process flows across applications and systems. This enables company employees to process, control and monitor document-based business processes efficiently and in a user-friendly manner. All essential information on a business process, regardless of where and in what form it is available, is made available in a structured form in a central location (the “digital file”).

SAP Folders Management

Advantages & Benefits

Replacement of paper files and documents with their digital counterparts for the purpose of optimizing associated business processes while reducing costs.

All relevant information on a business process (documents, e-mails, SAP® application data, transactions, reports, etc.) is stored in a uniform and structured manner in a file.

The central provision across system boundaries enables fast and simultaneous access to current information even in decentralized organizations. The search, copying and filing effort is minimized. Through the optional use of the powerful indexing engine SAP® TREX, a full text search á la Google is also possible.

Business processes as well as compliance with deadlines and time limits are supported by means of workflows, ad hoc circulation and resubmissions including e-mail notification from within the file.

Adherence to auditing and compliance guidelines is ensured by automatic logging of change activities regarding a file and its contents as well as storage of documents in an external archiving system.

SAP® Folders Management is a component of the SAP® base system and thus enables direct functional and integration into the leading SAP® application.

For example, in the context of a digital personnel file, it is possible to jump directly from the personnel master (PA20/30) to the corresponding file. In addition, only users who have access rights to the corresponding personnel master can access the file. Furthermore, a record is automatically created, attributed and filled with information objects in the background when a new person is created in SAP® HCM.

SAP Folders Management


CTI Organizer Extension

The CTI Organizer Extension makes it possible to store documents and Outlook e-mails in a file easily and efficiently via drag&drop.

CTI Document Importer

The CTI Document Importer is used for secure and high-performance archiving of (mass) documents via SAP®. Furthermore, a link to an SAP® object (e.g. record, application document, workflow) can be created optionally. If index data is available, the process can be fully automated. The results are clearly presented in a log.


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