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CTI CONSULTING accompanies companies on the path to digital transformation. Discover the benefits of an effective Enterprise Architecture Management solution and shape your digital future with CTI CONSULTING and LeanIX.

LeanIX offers a holistic solution for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) that enables companies to visualise, optimise and continuously adapt their IT landscape. As a cloud-based platform, LeanIX enables seamless integration with tools such as SAP Signavio and the Solution Manager. It also enables the efficient management and further development of enterprise architecture through advanced analytics and intelligent insights.

LeanIX is aimed at companies of all sizes and industries

  • Flexibility and scalability through cloud technology
  • Seamless integration with existing systems, including SAP Signavio
  • Comprehensive visualisation and optimisation of the enterprise architecture
  • Effective governance and strategic alignment of the IT landscape
  • Many years of experience: We have been successfully implementing projects as a LeanIX partner since 2017
  • Integrated SAP expertise: Thanks to the integration of SAP in 2021, our extensive SAP expertise flows into every project.

The CTI LeanIX Health Check

Our LeanIX Health Check aims to analyse and optimise your LeanIX repository. To this end, we offer you a comprehensive assessment of your LeanIX workspace and identify potential for improvement and corresponding measures.

What does the LeanIX Health Check involve?

Our Health Check includes a thorough examination of your LeanIX repository. We analyse your current usage and identify areas where improvements can be made. In doing so, we draw on a variety of best practices that we have gained from our consulting practice in the areas of application portfolio management, IT landscape planning and integration architecture.

Project phases of the LeanIX Health Check
  1. Recording the current status: We perform a comprehensive scan of your repository at all architectural levels to get an accurate overview of the current state.
  2. Assessment of the current state: We evaluate the architecture domains according to our evaluation criteria, which are recorded in a criteria catalogue. This enables us to obtain a precise assessment of the current situation.
  3. Identification of potential for improvement: Based on best practices, we define improvement potentials. These potentials are specifically tailored to your repository and are based on our experience in the areas of application portfolio management, IT landscape planning, integration architecture and user-friendliness.
  4. Presentation of results: We analyse and prepare the results. We present the identified improvement potentials and measures to you in a presentation. This gives you a clear overview of the next steps.
  5. Implementation of suitable improvement measures: We create a roadmap for implementing the improvement measures based on the best practices. This roadmap serves as a guide for the next steps and helps you to realise the full potential of your LeanIX repository.


We look forward to helping you get the most out of your LeanIX repository! Get in touch with us today.


Our tool expertise

  • LeanIX introduction with best practices
  • Metamodel configuration/usage
LeanIX EAM module
  • Application Portfolio Management and Rationalisation
  • Standards Management
  • EAM implementation and interim management
  • Concern-oriented architecture management
  • Introduction of architecture committees
  • Development of target architectures and architecture principles
  • Business capability maps
LeanIX Technology Risk Management Module
  • Management of obsolescence risks
  • Tool operation
  • Building a repository
  • Establish modelling conventions
  • Custom reporting
  • Middleware design and development to/from LeanIX to other systems
  • Internal marketing to raise awareness
  • Migrations from other EAM tools
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System transparency at the click of a button

The CTI Landscape Analyzer

Welcome to the Landscape Analyser for SAP

Create transparency in your SAP landscape with ease. At a time when corporate and IT structures are becoming increasingly complex and flexible, it is crucial to maintain an overview of your SAP systems. With the Landscape Analyzer, you can achieve this transparency quickly and precisely, without time-consuming manual processes and with minimal risk to your data quality.

Our solution:

The Landscape Analyzer for SAP offers you

  • Automated generation of a standardised view of your entire SAP landscape in the shortest possible time.
  • Compatibility with SAP technology and utilisation of standard SAP functionality.
  • Extraction and conversion of data for optimised analysis.
  • Customisation options to adapt the model to your individual requirements.
  • Analysis and reporting functions for detailed data evaluation.
  • Continuous updating of the analysis results for up-to-date information at all times.
  • Integration with Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) tools for comprehensive architecture management.


Evaluation options:

  • Overview of SAP systems, clients and modules used.
  • Visualisation of communication links and database usage.
  • Activity monitoring and detection of inconsistencies.
  • Optional analysis of user and authorisation information for licence optimisation and security audits.


Why use the Landscape Analyser?

  • Immediate access to all the necessary technical details of your SAP landscape.
  • Reduction of administration costs through automation.
  • Integration with leading EAM tools such as Alfabet, LeanIX and ADOit.
  • CTI CONSULTING’s many years of experience and expertise in IT management and SAP consulting.


Rely on the Landscape Analyzer for SAP to efficiently analyze your SAP landscape and make well-founded decisions – up-to-date, quickly and cost-effectively.

Success Story

EAM and IT security at an insurance company

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Senior Enterprise Architect