Contract Management

Digital contract file with SAP Folders Management

Contracts define the relationship between the company and its customers, partners and employees. Therefore, contract management must be thoroughly transparent. Many companies still file their contracts in traditional paper files outside of SAP. The contracts are neither digitalized nor otherwise centrally available for all the people involved, i. e. location independent available. The outcome of this is that unnecessary time is wasted for search and research activities.

The CTI template ‘digital contract file’ is a tool based on SAP Folders Management that provides transparency and an overview of existing contracts in the company. Contracts can be centrally and digitally captured and combined to files. This allows companies to individually adapt contracts to their business processes und bring them to life. Professional workflows allow the exact monitoring of deadlines, detailed allocation of responsibilities and analysis of key figures. The intelligent integration of the ‘digital contract file’ with other SAP modules provides numerous possibilities for analysis.

Our experts will be happy to illustrate the templates’ optimal applications in a noncommittal workshop by using exemplary personnel processes in your company. With the acquisitionn of the CTI template ‘digital contract file’ you will get additional user training.

Let’s work together, and together we will design the future of your work enviroment.

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