Center of Excellence

for Enterprise Architecture Management Tools

Today, software solutions such as planningIT (Software AG) or ADOit (BOC Group) are an important part of architecture management in order to be able to document the enterprise architecture with its respective elements (domains, business processes, applications, interfaces etc.) as well as the interrelations between them. Since every enterprise architecture is unique, there is no way around than adapting the used EAM tool to the specific requirements of the company.

Within the scope of the analysis of EAM implementation projects (FAME survey) it has become apparent that implementation cycles and the subsequent implementation efforts or rather costs are very high.

Against this background, CTI has established the “Center of Excellence for EAM Tools”. The Center of Excellence consolidates the client’s individual requirements with long-time consulting experiences and the therefrom resulting best practices (e.g. modeling approaches, reports, workflows) of CTI. By this means, implementation cycles can be severely shortened and implementation efforts can be significantly reduced.

The “Center of Excellence for EAM Tools“ stands for:

  • fast and easy implementation of requirements
  • use of best practices (industry-sector-specific and intersectoral) amongst others in the following areas
  • methodical consulting of tools
  • modeling approaches (e.g. for SAP)
  • configurations
  • reporting
  • workflow / survey
  • professional consulting on the basis of long-time experience both in methodical and tool-related EAM consulting

The “Center of Excellence for EAM Tools“ offers the following services amongst others:

  • best practice review of the used EAM tool
  • provision and development of practical modeling approaches
  • customizing and further development of the EAM tool (e.g. with planningIT – expand)
  • development of customized reports (AQL / SQL,  graphic, tabular)
  • interface development (import / export)
  • configuration (amongst others meta model, editors, wizards, ObjectViews, GuidePages)
  • workflow /survey development e.g. for supporting  the data management processes
  • web frontends for data presentations from the EAM tool repository on the intranet (e.g. list of technology standards) based on HTML/PHP
  • tool related as well as pure methodical EAM consulting
  • database migration at the replacement of the DBMs

We will be happy to assist you with any other type of question or problem (e.g. the complete outsourcing of operations and support within the scope of EAM as a Service) relating to EAM tools and will promptly develop an adequate solution together with you.

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