EAM Cloud Integration

Integrate the Amazon Cloud into your Enterprise Architecture Management with Alfabet 

Architecture Management has to Control Cloud Usage

Companies are subject to many short- and long-term changes. The Digital Transformation leads to an increasing differentiation of business models. The IT landscape of enterprises must be able to follow the rapid change and renewal of business models. At best, IT supports or actively modifies such business model changes.

A central option for this is the use of services from the cloud. It allows flexible use of IT ressources (computing power, storage space, etc.). This will also reduce IT costs.

Many companies already use cloud-based services. As is the case for all IT resources a governance is also necessary here: to have a clear overview of the cloud services used, to define standards for cloud platforms, or to control the costs of the services. Enterprise Architecture Management makes this governance possible.

In the absence of governance, the benefits of the cloud (i.e. flexible use, standardization, and lower IT costs) cannot be realized to the full extend.

Concept and implementation of Cloud Governance

We offer advice from the concept for cloud governance up to its integration into Enterprise Architecture Management and the implementation in an EAM tool.

1) Concept of Cloud Governance

The consulting comprises a one-day workshop at your premises and includes the following points:

Introduction to cloud computing

  • What are the general questions?
  • What skills are required for cloud governance?
  • What is our best practice approach?

Discussion of the situation in the company and the derivation of an appropriate approach?

  • What are your important questions?
  • What is the current status of the EAM?
  • How can the approach for cloud governance look like?

Result is a concept in written form.

2) Integration in Enterprise Architecture Management

This includes the implementation of the concept in an EAM tool (as far as possible) and delivers:

  • Installation and test of the functionality to query the cloud service provider
  • Adaptation of the EAM tool (based on our best practice approach, this includes):
    • Configuration of the tool (roles, platforms, etc.)
    • Import the information retrieved from the cloud into an existing EAM metamodel
    • Set up the workflow for assigning cloud instances
  • Training of the EAM staff regarding the concept and, in particular, the use of the EAM tool

We currently offer EAM Cloud Integration for Amazon Cloud (Amazon Web Services, AWS). Alfabet (Software AG) is supported as EAM tool.

EAM Cloud Integration supports your Cloud Strategy

EAM Cloud Integration provides an overview of the cloud resources and integrates them into the existing IT architecture. This is the basis for a cost control of these resources and for the planning and implementation of architecture standards for applications based on offers in the cloud.

EAM Cloud Integration is recommended if an Enterprise Architecture Management already exists on the basis of Alfabet (we offer to combine Cloud Integration with an EAM implementation project). EAM Cloud Integration can be used to prepare the use of cloud services as well as to document existing applications in the cloud. With EAM Cloud Integration, the cloud strategy of your company can be actively planned and implemented.

CTI Landscape Analyzer

EAM Cloud Integration is available as part of the CTI Landscape Analyzer, too.

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