Employee File Management

Digital personnel files with EFM for SAP

Ensure of efficient and seamless personnel processes

Address changes, employment contracts, health insurance verifications and more are activities and documents that are part of the processes handled by Human Resources (HR) departments. HR staff must verify the information in documents and forms and use various transactions to view or change the corresponding master data in SAP ERP HCM (Human Capital Management). Working with paper documents is a particularly cumbersome activity for the HR department, because extra time is needed to locate the documents in folders and shelves, to sort and file the incoming paperwork, and cross-check the printed data with the electronic data in SAP ERP HCM. This process gets even more complicated when employee files have to be sent from one location to another. A time-consuming and error-prone process sometimes referred to as “paper tourism” (i.e. the paper goes on a tour).


  • Transform HR from an administrative to a strategic operation
  • Easy-to-use folder structure, convenient searches
  • Logically organized original documents
  • Direct link to SAP objects and transactions
  • Efficient storage, reliable data protection
  • Secure archiving

OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions (resold by SAP as SAP Employee File Management by OpenText) provides HR departments with a complete solution: all printed documents from employees and job applicants, master data and internal personnel documents are immediately available from the electronic personnel file. This ensures that all personnel activities and processes are performed quickly and easily.

With Employee File Management, your master data and statements, as well as the original documents, are displayed in SAP in a clearly organized folder structure. Laborious searching of SAP transactions, or even file folders, for the right documents is no longer necessary. This helps HR staff to process personnel actions faster and reduce errors, allowing them to spend more time on value-added programs and activities.


  • Enables searching by employee name, employee number and other attributes
  • Provides the ability to jump directly into SAP transactions
  • Archives employee documents securely according to legal regulations
  • Supports employee and manager self-service scenarios
  • Provides a high degree of adaptability and configurability

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