FM Organizer Extension

Add-Ons for SAP Folders Management

The paperless office is an unstoppable trend and you cannot imagine modern business life without the use of digital documents such as emails, photos, drawings and forms. By means of the SAP Folders Management you can file and mange these documents centrally and structured in a digital file. Furthermore, as an intelligent, process oriented document management system it offers you the possibility to link these documents to SAP application data (e.g. order, customer order, invoice, staff, etc.) as well as process activities across systems and applications. Thereby, you will get a structured overview of all the relevant business information in one process.

The CTI FM Organizer Extension was developed so that you will benefit even more from the SAP Folders Management. It expands the SAP standard user interface with other features to make your daily work with digital files and documents easier and more efficient. By means of our extension you are able to show, for instance, the Windows data system or the Outlook inbox or outbox to file the desired data files, documents and email incl. attachments easily and direct via drag & drop into one document.

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