Landscape Analyzer for SAP Solutions

Transparency over SAP landscapes at the touch of a button

Complex, agile an flexible companies and IT structures demand transparency over SAP landscapes.

Such a transparency is not easy to create or be maintained. The necessary manual transactions are time consuming and include serveral risks regarding quality and currentness of data.

To develop the IT from a simple service provider to an enabler and innovator, valid transparency over company structures and IT landscapes are essential.

The Landscape Analyzer makes it possible to generate a uniform view over all business-relevant information objects within a highly complex SAP landscape in a very short time. Fully compatible with SAP technology and using standard SAP functionality we derive information from data.

CTI Landscape Analyzer for SAP® Solutions is certified as powered by SAP NetWeaver®



The Landscape Analyzer for SAP provides an insight into the classic SAP landscape via a single interface to one SAP system and analyzes all connected systems on-the-fly using current master and transaction data. In addition, an image of the interfaces managed with SAP NetWeaver PI can be created via a further single interface.


The data are subsequently converted using the Landscape Analyzer and enriched with various information. The Landscape Analyzer provides out-of-the-box best-practice modeling of SAP system landscapes and automatically converts the imported data into the optimal format.

Adaptation of the metamodel

If necessary, this model can be adapted to any existing or desired meta model.

Analysis and reporting

Using the analysis and reporting functions, the imported and converted data can be analyzed and evaluated directly in the Landscape Analyzer.

Data updates

The extraction and conversion runs can be started as often as required, thus enabling a constant up-to-dateness of the analysis results.

Integration of EAM tools

If the landscape information is to be used for an extended architecture management, they can be immediately processed into an EAM tool. For Alfabet® from Software AG and ADOit® of the BOC Group or leanIX® (further on request), all necessary components are included in order to be able to start out on-the-box on EAM tool side.

Of course, the data updates in the EAM tool can also be permanently updated.

This means: transparency at the push of a button, without manual intervention, without potential sources of error with complete and up-to-date data as basis for essential decisions.

 Reporting options
  • Overview of SAP systems and clients
  • Analysis of the actually used modules (e.g. FI) and components (e.g. FI-AA) in a SAP system/client
  • Presentation of the communication connections between systems and clients via RFC and IDOC
  • At the push of a button, the use in SAP systems can be analyzed recursively for each operating system, database (for example Oracle 11.x.x) and every SAP software component (for example, SAP_BASIS 701)
  • Illustration of the systems as well as the database usage on the different servers
  • Information about the  data exchange between systems and clients via evaluating message types
  • Activity monitoring for modules, components, and IDOC connections
  • Detecting inconsistencies in logical system names, e.g. according to system copies
  • Optional analysis of user and authorization information to prepare license optimization or security audits

The Landscape Analyzer for SAP provides a structured overview of even the most complex system landscapes, including systems, clients, modules, components, operating system and database information, releases and all interfaces as well as evaluations for the use of modules, components and interfaces.

SAP landscape information is therefore up-to-date and available at the push of a button with all necessary technical details.

A drastic reduction of the cost of managing SAP® landscapes by completely eliminating the costs for the manual collection and recording of the landscape information is made possible.

The SAP modeling for Alfabet®, ADOit® and leanIX® is out-of-the-box included by market-leading and validated best practices.

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