Purchasing File Management

Digital purchasing file with SAP Folders Management

With the increasingly difficult development of customer markets, companies are forced to look for new in operational efficiency potentials. Therefore, the improvement of the strategic and operational purchasing of goods and services has become a key task in many companies. However, a central and structured filing of information on purchasing processes rarely involves continuous electronic support. Purchase requisitions, supplier requests, product and service descriptions, offers, internal approvals, orders, delivery notes and invoices are stored in different systems or in a paper-based way. In most cases, this filing is redundant. This creates a lack of transparency in the purchasing processes and high purchasing process costs. It also makes it difficult to locate the relevant information.

Based on our long-standing experience, the CTI template ´digital purchasing file’ was developed as a best practice solution. In addition to its effect as a project accelerator the template provides the following benefits:

  • Central filing and access even with distributed purchasing
  • Holistic view of the purchasing process through the integration of documents and SAP MM application objects in one file
  • Direct integration of the file in SAP MM including authorization check
  • Shorter process times and more transparency through the integration of electronic business processes with SAP Business Workflow
  • Auditing acceptability through the automatic logging of change activities and archiving in an external archive (WORM-like medium)
  • Consistent file structure and document names

Our experts will be happy to illustrate the templates‘ optimal applications in a noncommittal workshop by using exemplary personnel processes in your company. With the acquisition of the CTI template ‘digital purchasing file’ you will get additional user training.

Work with CTI CONSULTING, and together we will design the future of your work environment.


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