Consolidated view of SAP® and non-SAP® documents across system boundaries

Business process views of SAP and non-SAP content across multiple systems.

Archiving for SAP Solutions is a highly scalable and secure repository for business-critical SAP business documents and data. It is designed for the complete range of business documents such as incoming/outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, quality certificates, HR employee documents, archived SAP data, and more.

DocuLink for SAP Solutions is a document management application completely embeded in the SAP system. It enables the storage, management, and retrieval of SAP and all other (non-SAP) documents, independent of SAP transactions, modules, or SAP systems. Non-SAP documents can originate from multiple sources such as host systems, legacy SAP systems, data archiving, or customer-specific applications. Through a Microsoft Windows Explorer-like user interface, DocuLink for SAP Solutions gives users a document-centric view of business processes. Even occasional users can retrieve content using the easy-to-use and customizable navigation in folder structures.

Business processes require access to information from different information silos.

The days of single-application enterprises are long gone. Organizations today deloy a range of enterprise applications. However, organizations often need to reuse the same business content throughout multiple applications although parts of documents may be isolated to specific applications and functions, such as different SAP Business Suite applications like SAP ERP or SAP CRM, or host systems. Document integration into SAP solutions provides a way of sharing business content across applications, allowing organizations to make the most of business content no matter where it resides.

DocuLink for SAP Solutions is certified as “Powered by SAP NetWeaver”. It integrates with SAP NetWeaver, resulting in low cost of ownership and no training costs. This integration also means a high integration quality for managing customers’ mission-critical business documents. DocuLink for SAP Solutions is integrated into SAP NetWeaver Portal, providing a very flexible solution for changing business requirements. No additional administration costs or user rights’ management are necessary.

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