SAP Business Workflow

Digitization and optimization of business processes

Because of the ever increasing daily flood of information, an efficient information management has become one of the central competitive factors for modern businesses.  The right handling of information can lead to a competitive advantage as well as to a business process optimization.  CTI CONSULTING supports you with a successful integration of the functions which map your business processes across the single SAP Business Suite components.

With the help of SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Workflow, with which in 1996 CTI CONSULTING AG implemented one of the first large-scale SAP workflow projects in Germany, these goals can be reached comfortably.  These tools make possible system-wide and intercompany process mappings, a connection to business portals, as well as the inclusion of internet scenarios into the workflow-aided processes.
The integration with the Business Information Warehouse makes possible a performance measurement supported by key management data, and by means of adequate document management systems (DMS), such as SAP Folders Management or SAP DMS, important synergies arise.

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