SAP Mobility

More Flexibility and Efficiency

The ever-wider spread of smartphones and tablets emerges the need for managers, employees and specialist divisions, to support selected business processes and application scenarios also in a mobile way in order to increase flexibility and efficiency with it. During the implementation, simple and appealing concepts of operation play a major role to get the necessary user acceptance for a successful launching.

SAP Fiori – handle simple things even simple

Reduce response times and increase productivity – often, yet the small things have a large effect! SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that provides a multitude of frequently used SAP features in a simple, easy to use user interface for laptop, tablet and smartphone.  Processes of approving, information search or self-service tasks – SAP Fiori assists you to handle simple tasks fast and independently.

SAP Mobile Portal – portal add on for mobile use

With Mobile Portal, SAP offers a free add-on for a SAP NW Portal (7.3 or higher) in order to make contents and processes available to mobile users as well, in a simple and appealing way.  The already existing infrastructure, services and investments can be used for the add-on.  For this reason, the costs for the implementation of mobile application scenarios are significantly reduced. New mobility concepts such as SAP Fiori and UI5 are considered and integrated in the process.

SAP Mobile Portal offers, amongst others, the following features

  • homepages and work spaces for mobile content and collaboration
  • universal work lists for the mobile participation in processes (e.g. approving workflows)
  • enterprise feeds for the mobile provision of news from different sources
  • People Explorer for the discovery and linking of experts and staff

With SAP Mobile Portal, many business processes can be organized in a more flexible and efficient way plus the productivity of the staff can be increased.

SAP Mobile Documents – secure mobile access to business contents

With Mobile Documents, SAP provides a solution that permits mobile employees a central and secure access to all personal and business documents.

With this solution, mobile working employees in large or small and medium-sized businesses, get a central access point in order to access business documents and contents with different devices (desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone).

SAP Mobile Documents particularly assists IT administrators to control documents and contents via central management and security guidelines at all times. That is to prevent that employees exchange business contents via e-mail and locally save them on mobile devices or platforms which are not designed for business use.

Essential Features of SAP Mobile Documents are

  • secure access to personal and business contents, such as documents, spread sheets, presentation and videos, at all times and everywhere
  • content structuring and navigation via folders, direct document display in the app
  • automatic  synchronization of the contents, in order to also access them offline from a secure and coded filing , if required
  • creation and editing of documents directly in the app plus the provision on any other devices
  • communication and exchange of documents with other colleagues and business partners
  • central, detailed assignment of authorizations (review, save, print, send, share, validity period and so on)
  • presentations in the full screen mode via a connected monitor or projector while you move in the presentation mode on the iPad
  • integration of ECM systems via CMIS interface

SAP UI5 – design of simple and appealing user interfaces

With SAP UI5, SAP offers a modern and open technology in order to implement simple and appealing user interfaces for web and mobile applications. SAP UI5 is particularly designed for simpler application scenarios (e.g. request and approval for vacation leave) that can be used with a smartphone or tablet.

The responsive design of a SAP UI5 application makes sure that the layout of the user interface optimally adjusts itself to the size and direction of the mobile monitor of a smartphone or tablet.

SAP UI5 supports all modern and open standards (e.g. OData, REST, JSON, JavaScipt and XML) for the connection of the user interface to backend functionalities. For this reason, (almost) all of today’s SAP and non-SAP systems can be integrated into a SAP UI5 application with its respective functionalities.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway – central communication point to the SAP Backend

SAP NW Gateway is a technology that provides a simple possibility to connect (mobile) devices, applications and platforms to the SAP backend on the basis of wide-spread web standards. The framework enables the development of innovative solutions with “Anywhere-UX World Class” and with it permits to use the performance of SAP business software in a new form, as in social and collaboration environments, with smartphones and tablets like in rich internet apps. SAP NW Gateway offers connectivity to SAP applications for many development languages, without the need for detailed SAP skills, by the use of REST services and OData / ATOM protocols.

SAP Mobile Platform – basis for development and administration of mobile applications

The SAP Mobile Platform is the basis for the entire administration and development of all mobile applications both for the B2B, B2C and the B2E field. Thereby, the platform merges all apps for employees, suppliers and customers at a central point and connects them with the enterprise applications. This reduces the complexity and costs for the development and operation of the mobile solutions. As data source of the app, SAP Mobile Platform allows both SAP and external systems. Safety standards such as coded communication or user authentication are automatically complied with.

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