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Optimise operational processes

“Using an ERP system simply to run things in the same way as before implementation is a guarantee of disappointment.”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) The Great Gamble, Ray Atkinson (2013)

ERP Consulting

Our approach

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consulting offers a customised solution for all companies that want to optimise their operational processes and increase their overall efficiency. In order to understand your requirements and optimisation wishes, we first conduct interviews with you and then draw up a detailed catalogue of requirements as a guide for selecting the right ERP provider.

Our selection process is then thorough and practice-orientated. We invite various ERP providers to present practical demos of their systems and ensure that the final selection is made through face-to-face meetings on site to ensure optimal customisation to the individual needs of your company. We analyse basic options in advance, such as migration greenfield vs. migration brownfield to S/4HANA or switching to a new midmarket solution. This allows us to select the best possible solution that suits your requirements and processes.


We also support our customers in contract negotiations and accompany them throughout the entire implementation process. The implementation of ERP software enables companies to improve their efficiency, optimise work processes and create a solid foundation for future growth.

Our ERP service helps companies to store and share their knowledge, creating a valuable foundation for growth and security. If you’re looking for a reliable and customised ERP solution that supports your business goals and gives you a competitive edge, you’ve come to the right place.

We use a best practice approach that creates the best possible basis for decision-making and provides clarity for the next steps as well as investment security. This is achieved through various factors, including the recording of business processes before the decision is made in order to find the best possible solution that meets the requirements and processes of your company. We also present various products to the key users of the future solution based on their in-house processes to ensure that the products are easy to understand and compare. This creates very good transparency with regard to the overall scope of the investment to be made, including implementation costs on the part of the service provider, proportion of in-house provision and deployment, licence costs, maintenance and operating costs, etc.

ERP Consulting

Our services

Customised solutions

CTI offers customised ERP consulting that is tailored to the specific requirements and optimisation wishes of each company. Interviews and the creation of a detailed catalogue of requirements ensure that the ERP solution is optimally adapted to the company's needs.

Thorough selection process

CTI conducts a thorough and hands-on ERP vendor selection process. This includes hands-on demos of different vendors' systems as well as face-to-face meetings on site to ensure that the final selection fulfils the company's individual needs.

Support during the entire implementation process

CTI not only assists its customers in selecting the ERP solution, but also supports them throughout the entire implementation process. This includes support during contract negotiations and ensuring the smooth implementation of the ERP software.

Best practice approach and investment security

CTI uses a best practice approach that creates a sound basis for decision-making and provides clarity on how to proceed. By considering the business processes before making a decision and presenting different products based on the internal processes, transparency is created regarding the overall scope of the investment, including implementation costs, licence costs and operating costs.

ERP Consulting


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