SAP DocuLink

by OpenText

Organizations today manage data and documents with different systems (such as SAP® solutions, CRM or host systems). Yet they need to use the same business content across multiple applications. With OpenText DocuLink for SAP® Solutions, you can integrate documents from different sources into SAP® solutions and thus make the most of business content.

SAP DocuLink by OpenText


SAP DocuLink by OpenText


OpenText™ DocuLink for SAP® Solutions extends your SAP® system with a process-oriented and cross-application view of all business documents and data – across the boundaries of SAP® modules, SAP® systems and even non-SAP® systems. Typical applications include the customer folder, the vendor folder or the shutdown of legacy systems.
DocuLink for SAP® Solutions is a document management application that is fully embedded in the SAP® system. It enables the storage, management and retrieval of SAP® and non-SAP® documents independent of SAP® transactions, modules or SAP® systems. Non-SAP® information can originate from different sources – for example, host systems, legacy SAP® systems, data archiving or customer-specific applications. DocuLink provides users with a document-centric view of business processes through a Microsoft Windows Explorer-like interface. Even occasional users can quickly access content via the easy-to-use and individual navigation in folder structures.


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