Knowledge Management

Methodically influence knowledge in the company and use it in a value-adding manner

"Knowledge is the most valuable skill you can sell."

Barack Obama, Democratic President of the USA, September 10, 2008 Norfolk, Virginia

Managing knowledge has become increasingly important in recent years due to the abundance of data and information that organizations face. However, not all organizations are aware of the need to master and control their organizational knowledge. If companies underestimate the relevance of knowledge management, often only a small part of the organizational knowledge is documented and a central knowledge distribution is mostly missing completely.

As a result, a large part of the knowledge remains bound to a few individual employees and there is a lack of overview of the existing knowledge base. As a consequence, knowledge has to be acquired again and again at great expense when, for example, knowledge carriers leave and the competence to train the lost knowledge is lacking.

Knowledge Management

Our Approach

To overcome the challenges posed by unstructured knowledge in organizations, our consulting approach is based on the link between knowledge management and business process management.

The process view makes it easier to separate relevant from irrelevant knowledge, to structure knowledge in a meaningful way and to make it available at the appropriate places. Knowledge can be detached from individual employees and transformed into organizational knowledge. By focusing on processes, a uniform, clear language can be found that makes it possible for all participants to make knowledge usable for themselves, to generate new ideas and to achieve goals more efficiently.

CTI CONSULTING enables you to obtain and provide information easily and quickly in order to accelerate your processes and reduce your costs in the long term. As a bridge between theory and practice, we are guided by the building block model of knowledge management according to Probst et al., which is particularly easy to translate from theory into practice and thus facilitates your entry into knowledge management.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Our Services

Securing relevant know-how in the form of cheat sheets
Link between Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
Building corporate wikis and expert directories
Architecture Assessment & Impact Analyses
Workshops/Lessons Learned
Maturity analysis of the process landscape
Signavio (process recording and documentation, etc.)
Knowledge Management


Tool Services

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