SAP Extended ECM

by OpenText

Business Workspaces
  • Bridging the gap between structured data in SAP® Business Suite applications and the associated (unstructured enterprise content (documents, emails, images…)
  • Increasing the efficiency of content-specific SAP® business processes
  • Control of unstructured content across the enterprise

Digitalizing Business Processes with SAP Extended ECM by OpenText

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText


The focus of xECM is on so-called workspaces. They are often created in relation to a leading SAP® business object (customer, vendor, purchase order, order, material …) and serve the central and structured storage as well as the authorization-controlled retrieval and viewing of enterprise content (documents, e-mails, images …).

In addition to the structured presentation of enterprise content at the center of a workspace, all transaction-relevant business data from SAP® can also be integrated, giving a user a complete 360-degree view of all current data and documents relating to a business case. Workflows can be used to support information, editing and approval processes.

xECM can be integrated into many user interfaces, so that a user can access a workspace directly from his preferred work environment (SAP, Microsoft Windows/Office/Outlook/Sharepoint, web/portal, mobile device).

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText



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