Technology Lifecycle & Standardization

Proactively manage lifecycle risks and reduce IT complexity

54% of all security breaches are caused by the use of outdated technologies.

Even though the focus of IT departments is increasingly shifting from data center operations to being a service provider for the business, the fundamental IT challenges for companies remain the same: to provide a functional and flexible IT infrastructure at the lowest possible operating costs.

In addition, the digital transformation is increasingly shifting enterprise IT to the cloud, meaning that services are now provided by third-party providers. The Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technology are also multiplying the number of devices that enterprises need to track and maintain, further increasing the need for technology lifecycle management.

Technology Lifecycle & Standardization

Our approach

Technology Lifecycle & Standardization is a multi-level approach that encompasses the planning, design, procurement, implementation and management of all elements of the IT infrastructure as well as software.

Technology Lifecycle & Standardization Prozess
Technology Lifecycle & Standardization

Our Services

Definition of a IT-Taxonomy

Definition and alignment of an IT component category taxonomy tailored to your company based on best practices and reference models. Together we get your IT assets sorted by technical capabilities.

Technology Lifecycle & Standardization Process

Organizational and procedural roll-out of Technology Lifecycle & Standards Management in your organization.

Standards Catalogue

Discussion of standardization goals and criteria and creation of a book of standards for publication of the defined IT technology standards.

EAM-Tool Services

In addition to consulting and architecture work within the scope of your projects, CTI Consulting also offers EAM tool consulting. This is how we ensure that methodology and transparency across the IT landscape go hand in hand.

Technology Lifecycle & Standardization
Standardization process
Technology Lifecycle & Standardization


EAM-Tool Services

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