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Founded in 1991, we offer over 30 years of SAP, 13 years of ITMC and over 25 years of workflow experience.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a piece of our professional ethos, but equally the basis of our sales. Follow-up projects with satisfied customers is the source of our success.

Trusted Advisors
are more than advisors

Our claim is to be the trusted advisor of our customers in innovative organizational and IT topics.


Consulting approach


Understanding strategy, processes and technology at all levels enables targeted consulting as well as close cooperation between client and consultant teams.


Behind successful projects are comprehensively qualified and, above all, motivated people. At the customer and at our company.


Our investment in scientific research makes us innovators in customer projects.

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Prof. Dr. Oliver Koch


Guido W. Stass


Dr. Dietmar Gerlach

Head of
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