CTI Document Importer

Secure and high-performance document transfer to SAP

In the context of document-based business processes, there is always the requirement that a larger number of documents should be transferred once (migration) or regularly from an external source to SAP in order to be able to process them there. Such a takeover is to be largely automated and can be carried out differently depending on the source or transaction. Furthermore, a detailed logging of the processing steps as well as an active monitoring are desired.

The CTI Document Importer is a generic tool for automatically transferring (mass) documents to SAP and, depending on the business process, for example. in a digital file (e.g., personnel or vendor), to an SAP application object (e.g., input calculation or customer order via SAP ArchiveLink) or other processing (e.g., start of a business workflow).


The extensive logging and active monitoring of the individual processing steps are used to keep an overview of the current processing status of the documents at any time. Furthermore, in the event of an error, the processing process can be resumed and continued at the break-off point.

In a non-binding workshop, our experts will gladly explain the optimal possibilities for using the CTI Document Importer with the help of exemplary processes in your company.

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