EA WebPublisher

Communicate architecture information fast and uncomplicated

Company-wide EA Information

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) secures a holistic corporate development. The high number of enterprise applications as well as the process integration let such architecture only be manageable with a corresponding tool support.

The valuable data of the enterprise architecture are available in a central repository, however, for the access, a separate required license per user in the EAM tool is necessary.

 As complex software for comprehensive problems, the navigation in the EAM tools turns out to be little self-explanatory as well.

EA WebPublisher

On the basis of modern web technologies, the CTI EA WebPublisher provides direct access to the database of the EAM tool.


In the intranet, all authorized employees get selected information on the enterprise architecture in an uncomplicated way. Changes in the EAM tool will be displayed in the web application without time lags.

 The appearance may be completely aligned to the corporate design. The displayed data are freely definable.

Intuitive Operation

The CTI EA WebPublisher can be seamlessly integrated into existing portals or dashboards. That way, a drill-down into the application landscape can also be realized by means of different system patterns such as functional domains or fields of responsibility. A full-text-search, for example via the application name or description text is possible as well. A customization is realizable on short notice.

CTI EA WebPublisher

Little Effort – Large Benefit

The architecture of the CTI EA WebPublisher enables a user-friendly and up-to-date display of all relevant EA information without the need to purchase an additional license for an EA tool.

Benefits at a Glance

  • nonrecurring implementation effort
  • no additional license costs per user
  • high flexibility
  • Individually adaptable
  • corporate design
  • intuitive operation
  • portalintegration
  • integration of further data sources possible

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