Business Process Management

By means of the continous improvement of business processes, companies generate key competitive advantages.

Business Process Management (BPM) characterizes the approach to digitally map processes in a company, not only related to the human, but also the application-oriented factors, and to directly manage them alongside the value chain. In short, it is about the control of complex business processes and to obtain a better understanding of the company’s entire processes and their interactions in order to manage them and to improve them as much as possible.

ADONIS of BOC Group supports the Business Process Management (BPM) as an essential management, controlling and quality instrument, in order to continuously improve the process performance in companies as well as to serve as a sound basis for decision makers and process managers. In this connection, ADONIS serves as a tool for the design and documentation of the process landscape, and assists with the optimization of business processes as well as with the identification and reduction of costs and expenses in the company.

CTI CONSULTING is a close partner of the BOC Group and has perennial expertise in the field of the implementation and the operative support of ADONIS at international enterprises.

CTI considers itself a ”full service provider“ for ADONIS, who is able to cover both the basic configuration as well as all other subject areas in a professional way. This includes, for example:

  • Implementation of Business Process Management
  • Modeling standards and notations (e.g. BPMN 2.0, EPK,UML)
  • Implementation of Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Implementation of IT Service Management
  • Implementation of IT Risk Management
  • Implementation of IT Governance

Technical implementation and support:

  • Installation and basic configuration (role and rights concept)
  • Configuration within the scope of functional add-ons (scripting)
  • Upgrading of the meta model
  • Connection topics (interfaces for the implementation of processes (e.g. BPEL, XPDL, XMI))

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