Document Archiving

Archive business-critical documents

Archive the complete range of business critical documents.

Your organization has invested in SAP software to increase the efficiency of your business processes. The management of business transactions by SAP applications is an essential part of these processes, but the functionality that SAP applications provide can deliver more value and overall business processes can be optimized when SAP transactions are linked to related documents.


  •   Improve operational efficiency and productivity by integrating business documents with SAP transactions and workflows
  •   Eliminate the costs for paper and microfiche archives
  •   Reduce the total cost of ownership for the SAP landscape by supporting data archiving
  •   Ensure compliance and reduce risk by secure long-term archiving of SAP data and documents

The value of ContentPlus = content + context:

Archiving for SAP Solutions (sold by SAP as SAP Archiving by OpenText) links document content to the SAP business context. Doing this eliminates information silos, time-consuming, expensive regular mail or express delivery services, as well as the need for paper archives. Archiving for SAP Solutions enables you to create, access, manage, and securely archive all SAP content.

Archiving for SAP Solutions is a highly scalable and secure repository for business-critical SAP business documents and data. It is designed for the complete range of business documents such as incoming/outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, quality certificates, HR employee documents, archived SAP data, and more.

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